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America's Gone Beer Mad: 100 Breweries Or More In Nearly Half Of U.S. States

Gary Stoller - - Forbes

The USA has gone beer crazy. More than 9,000 breweries are in the country, and more than half of U.S. states have at least 100 breweries within their borders, an analysis of the U.S. Treasury Department's most recent statistics reveals.

The statistics, as of March 31, clearly show the impact of the craft-beer explosion in recent years and how widespread the phenomenon is.

"Since 2013, the number of breweries has doubled in 34 states and tripled in nine," says Bart Watson, the chief economist of the Brewers Association trade group.

Beer Institute Shares Results of 2 Consumer Surveys at Annual Meeting

Justin Kendall - - Brewbound

The Beer Institute (BI) unveiled a pair of surveys during the first day of the trade group's annual meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, indicating public support for many industry issues as well as apathy from young drinkers.

In his opening remarks, BI president and CEO Jim McGreevy shared the results of a poll conducted by Washington, D.C.-based market research firm Morning Consult on several hot button industry issues, including excise tax reform, President Donald Trump's tariffs on aluminum, FDA menu labeling and voluntary disclosure of serving data.

AB InBev CEO: ‘Beer needs to play the natural card more’

Rachel Arthur - -

Beer is all about natural ingredients: and that's something the industry needs to emphasize in order to appeal to today's consumers, says AB InBev CEO Carlos Brito. And beer also needs to learn from wine and highlight its connections to agriculture and farming.

Trump administration ends tariff exemptions, further burdening beer industry

Patrick Leary - - The Milwaukee Business Journal

American beer brewers got more bad news Thursday, as the Trump administration announced it would end the exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs for Mexico, Canada and the European Union.

Tariffs on global aluminum and steel went into effect March 23, but aluminum prices had already spiked after President Donald Trump preliminarily announced them in early March. Mexico, Canada and the European Union have all subsequently responded with retaliatory tariffs against American products.

Earlier this month, Jim McGreevy, president and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based trade association the Beer Institute, said that aluminum prices have increased by 135 percent since the start of 2018.

U.S. Hispanics And The Beer Industry

Parker Morse - - Media Post

Looking at U.S. Hispanics and their relationship to the beverage industry — in particular, their loyalty to certain beverage brands — is important, because it allows us to draw broader conclusions about how best to reach out to the Hispanic audience.

The primary alcoholic beverage of choice for most Hispanics is beer. In Nielsen's words, the demographic "[gets] behind beer in a big way," with 44% of Hispanic adults claiming "to have consumed a beer within the last 30 days," a percentage slightly above the U.S. average. It's not surprising, then, that breweries are coming up with brews specifically aimed at reaching the demographic.

Beer Distributors Talk About Advocacy and the Future of a Strong Beer Industry

Allison Schneider - - NBWA

Independent beer distributors representing all 50 states are in Washington, D.C., this week for the National Beer Wholesalers Association's (NBWA) 2018 Legislative Conference. Attendees are educating Congress on the importance of the independent beer system, which generates competition, builds brands and increases consumer choice, while supporting good-paying jobs and economic growth in cities and states across America.


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