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Craft Brewers Find That Making A Statement Sells Beer

Hudson Lindenberger - - Forbes

From the moment Beale's Brewery's latest release, YOUR MANAGER IS BITCH (YMIB), hit the social media superhighway and went viral, it proved yet again one fact that is integral to craft beer success. That consumers want to feel a personal connection to their brands. Making a statement using their beer labels, the billboard to their customers, to advocate for a cause can and often is successful for their business.

Anheuser Busch's CEO On Hard Seltzer: 'Gift For The Beer Industry'

Jayson Derrick - - MSN

Seltzer is among the fastest-growing categories within the beer, spirits and wine category and should continue growing at a double-digit pace in 2021, Anheuser Busch Inbev SA (NYSE: BUD) CEO Michel Doukeris said Wednesday on CNBC's "Closing Bell."

We have too much beer (and soda, and seltzer), and not enough cans

Laura Reiley - - The Washington Post

A nationwide shortage of cans is the latest threat to craft beer. Ball Corp., the world's largest manufacturer of cans, told investors this week that the U.S. market alone is short 10 billion cans in 2020, according to Beer Business Daily, a trade publication.

When demand is this high for cans, only a few beverage producers get priority. The big guys (Pepsi, Coke, Anheuser-Busch, Molson Coors) saw a shortage coming early on and began hedging their bets, shoring up contracts with canning giants but also negotiating contracts with smaller distributors.

What Beer Sales Tell Us About The Recession

Greg Rosalsky - - NPR's Planet Money

Craft beer sales are surging at stores, but craft breweries are still struggling. Cheap beer is surging, but it's still losing market share. That's because the economics of the beer business are complicated. (And that's before you start drinking.) But the beer business can tell us a lot about the last two recessions.

Nielsen: Off-Premise Beer Sales Growth Begins to Slow in Final Full Week of June

Justin Kendall - - Brewbound

The slow down in off-premise beer sales began to set in during the last full week in June, but as states began to shut down on-site sales for a second time, another spike is expected.

For the one-week period ending June 27, beer category dollar sales increased 16.1%, to $1.007 billion, according to data shared by market research firm Nielsen. Excluding FMBs, hard seltzers and cider, core beer dollar sales increased just 8.1% .

European Tariffs Threaten the Entire American Wine Industry

Tim McKirdy - - Vinepair

Three months ago, the Trump administration imposed 25 percent tariffs on numerous imported European Union (E.U.) goods, including wine, cheese, whisk(e)y, and olive oil. This happened in October, but you may have missed its announcement — a few extra dollars per bottle of Bordeaux doesn't typically command headlines, especially with other high-profile political events demanding our attention.


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