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The Best Beer Spot in Every State

Caitlyn Flynn - - Eat This, Not That!

Nothing hits the spot quite like a delicious beer. Sure, you can always pick up a six-pack at your local liquor store, but if you're looking for a beer that's unique, high-quality, made from locally sourced ingredients (or all of the above), breweries are where it's at.

Gov. Evers and Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, bet beer for sausage on the NBA Finals

- CBS 58 Newsroom

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Arizona's Governor, Doug Ducey, has wagered a 12-pack of Tower Station, a Phoenix-local beer from Mother Road Beer Brewery to Gov. Evers if the Suns lose the NBA Finals.

The Oldest Breweries in the World

Jessie O'Brien - - The Beer Connoisseur

Beer has been around for millennia, but dedicated breweries are a far more recent invention. Read on to explore the oldest breweries in the world.

It's believed that beer was first discovered by accident in ancient Mesopotamia as a by-product of breadmaking. The happiest accident to serve humankind rivals other world-changing inventions of the time like mathematics and the wheel. One of the first written records of beer's existence appeared as hieroglyphs on ancient Egyptian papyrus, documenting beer used in religious ceremonies at the time. But the drink became a staple of the Medieval food pyramid once it made its way to northern Europe. There were plenty of raw ingredients like barley that grew in the area, and alcoholic beverages were considered healthy. Some say that beer was all that was available to drink at the time due to contaminated drinking water, but this is most likely a myth. Beer was popular, whether or not it was necessary for survival.

Why Did Women Stop Dominating the Beer Industry?

Laken Brooks - - Smithsonian Magazine

What do witches have to do with your favorite beer?

When I pose this question to students in my American literature and culture classes, I receive stunned silence or nervous laughs. The Sanderson sisters didn't chug down bottles of Sam Adams in "Hocus Pocus." But the history of beer points to a not-so-magical legacy of transatlantic slander and gender roles.

How Beer Ruled the Ancient World

Candida Moss - - Daily Beast

Imagine excavating an ancient burial ground and running across a brewery. This is exactly what happened last month when the Egyptian government announced that a team of Egyptian and American archaeologists had discovered what may be the world's oldest known beer factory. Pyramids, Pharaohs, and now tasty adult beverages—ancient Egypt had it all.

There is already a beer created by Artificial Intelligence

- Entrepreneur

Technology has become a large part of our lives and with it Artificial Intelligence (AI) has intruded into our daily lives, so much so that with the help of it we have been able to create products that man normally makes.

In this context, a Swiss company launched Deeper, the first beer in the European country created with the assistance of AI. The recipe for the drink was made by the algorithm known as Brauer AI.


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