Carving up the most-asked question

What beer to drink with that bird?

November is here. Time, again, for the Turkey Question.

Wine folks might debate it amongst themselves, but they usually have a simple answer—pinot noir or chardonnay, for example. Meanwhile, beer geeks have a rep for giving people answers that are, like many of their beards and the rest of this post, too long.

So if you want the simple answer, here it is: Pick something malty, a bit sweet, and not too bitter. Think bocks or märzens, brown ales, dubbels and tripels.

You don't want a bland beer but you also don't want anything too rich or intense (save that imperial stout for pumpkin pie and IPA for leftover turkey sandwiches). Residual sweetness contrasts and highlights that beautiful savory umami of a properly roasted bird (sweetness also is welcome if that bird winds up too dry). Meanwhile, malt can find its Maillard-reaction friend in the caramelization of the crispy skin.

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