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How Blue Moon Made ‘Craft Beer’ Meaningless

Jason Notte - - Wall Street National

Blue Moon Brewing Co. founder Keith Villa: "You ask yourself, at the end of the day, 'If that definition of craft is used, does it guarantee the quality of the beer?' No it doesn't. Our connection with Coors guarantees quality of the highest standards in the industry."When we spoke with Blue Moon Brewing Co. founder Keith Villa two weeks ago, we had no idea Blue Moon and parent company MillerCoors were about to be sued for false advertising.

The plaintiff claims Blue Moon isn't "craft" — despite drinking a whole lot of it before reaching that conclusion — but Villa's been fighting that assertion for nearly 20 years. To Villa, Blue Moon is not only craft, but its support from Coors and, as of 2007, MillerCoors wasn't always a given. It certainly wasn't when he started brewing the Bellyslide Wit that became Blue Moon Belgian White at a small brewery called the SandLot, which remains at Denver's Coors Field to this day.

America’s Beer Distributors Celebrate May as Tavern Month

Kathleen Joyce - - National Beer Wholesalers Association

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Throughout May, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) will recognize the 62nd Annual Tavern Month, a celebration of the many licensed bars and taverns that help fuel excitement in the beer industry and enrich America's social culture.

As fellow Main Street businesses, bar and tavern owners partner with America's 3,300 independent, licensed beer distributors in communities across the country to contribute to local economies; support hundreds of thousands of jobs; invest in local communities; and deliver an unparalleled selection of beer to millions of customers every day.

Bar Fight

Dave Infante - - Thrillist

WE LOVE CRAFT BEER. We love craft beer, craft beer loves us, craft brewers love each other, and all is well forever and ever. Amen. That's the prayer, and it's been working. Craft beer is ubiquitous, from Michelin-starred restaurants to grimy dive bars. Its enthusiasts are voracious, educated, curious. And its brewers have managed, even amid the torrid growth, to maintain their binding spirit of independence, ingenuity, and kumbaya all-for-one-ism unseen with other businesses. Examples abound. Boston Beer Company has helped upstarts get loans and wholesale hops; breweries like Stone Brewing, Dogfish Head, Allagash, and Cigar City have collaborated on beers; and most companies have just generally been willing to lend a hand when duty calls.

Gov. Ducey signs bill increasing cap for craft breweries

- Arizona Capitol Times

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Tuesday increasing the production cap for state microbreweries while at Four Peaks Brewing Company's original restaurant in Tempe.

Four Peaks is the state's largest microbrewery and the only one nearing the old limit. The microbrewery has gotten the cap changed twice previously to allow it to keep its license and still own and run its restaurants.

We Proudly Partnered With The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild To Enact SB 1030, The Arizona Beer Bill

Steve Barclay, BWDA Executive Director - - Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona

Microbrewery restaurants provide great jobs

In March of 2014, BWDA and the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild reach an historic agreement to move forward together on Arizona legislation in 2015: the Arizona Beer Bill, which allows for continued growth and competition in the craft beer industry for... read more

Center for Alcohol Policy Marks Alcohol Awareness Month

Danielle Duchesne - - Center for Alcohol Policy

This April, the Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) joins organizations across the country in recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month, a nationwide campaign recognized by the U.S. Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to raise awareness of the problems that alcohol abuse can cause for individuals, their families and their communities.


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