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Industry News

We’re Proudly Partnering With The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild On Legislation To Help Craft Brewers Grow

Steve Barclay, BWDA Executive Director - - Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona

Microbrewery restaurants provide great jobs

BWDA and the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild have reach an historic agreement to move forward together on Arizona legislation in 2015, the Arizona Beer Bill. Please read our... read more

Nielsen: Hispanic Millennials Present Big Opportunity for Craft

David Eisenberg - - Brewbound

It's hardly news that craft beer is incredibly popular among the millennial demographic. But considering that this consumer base, at least by Nielsen measures, consists of anyone born between 1977 and 1994, it can be hard to market to them armed with that information alone.

As such, the bulk of Thursday's "Power Hour" conference call, hosted by the Brewers Association, was spent further dissecting this demographic, specifically highlighting the untapped potential there is in the Hispanic population of young drinkers.

Revealing the invisible sector of the craft brew industry

Jeremy Martin - - Southwest Michigan's Second Wave Media

These days it's easy to spot a craft beer drinker. They're the ones talking about brewmasters the way other people talk about musicians and athletes. Craft beer drinkers wear T-shirts endorsing their favorite breweries or promoting the craft beer shops they've visited.

Where Will the Industry End the Year?

Lester Jones, Chief Economist - - National Beer Wholesalers Association

When it comes to total volume gains, the fourth quarter can make or break the numbers for the industry. So far in 2014, we have seen progressively improving quarterly volume trends from 2014 Q1 through 2014 Q3. However, a tough 2013 Q4 comp will be a challenge in this last quarter of 2014.

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