Big Breweries Go Dark to Attract Craft Beer Set

Dark Beer Cheers!

After waging battle over America's weight-conscious beer drinkers with light, ultra light, and "select" varieties, the mass brewing industry has now set its sights on another demographic, one that cares much less about calories and much more about quirkiness and quality.

Megabrewer Anheuser-Busch is getting ready to launch a whole new suite of beers, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but instead of that familiar yellow tint, the new varieties come with a darker amber or black hue designed to mimic the look and taste of increasingly popular craft brews.

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Our History and Our Purpose

Old Beer Distributor from early 1900'sOur trade association has a long and colorful history spanning nearly 68 years, dating back to December 1944. We began as the Arizona Wholesale Beer and Liquor Association, a non-profit corporation created to promote and protect the general business interests of beer and liquor distributors operating across Arizona.

Beer Distributor VehichleIn more recent years, as the beverage alcohol industry continued to grow and evolve in our state and nationally, we decided to change our name and narrow our organization’s focus to only beer and wine distributorships, renaming the association as the Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona (or “BWDA”). We are a full-service, professional trade association representing eleven locally-owned and operated beer and wine distribution companies actively doing business in Arizona.

bottles in assembly line

Beer Prices Won't Be Affected By The Drought
By Rob Wile

beer and barley

The historic worldwide drought appears poised to send the price of everything from corn to cheeseburgers higher.

But will it take our beer too?


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What does BWDA do?

Our primary purpose is to advocate on behalf of our member companies in the legislative, regulatory, legal and public policy arenas. We vigorously support the three-tier licensing and distribution system for the sale of beer and wine, as well as other beverage alcohol products in Arizona. We work closely with local and federal officials to develop policies that ensure equity and fairness for our members. We endorse ethical methods for distributing and selling beer and wine products and actively promote responsible consumption practices on the part of the many adult Arizona consumers who choose to enjoy those products. Through hard work and dedication, we continue to strive for excellence in serving our members and the industry.

don't drink and driveIn addition to offering a wide range of benefits and services to our member companies, BWDA serves as a valuable resource to policy makers and the public on alcohol regulation, educational programs designed to combat drunk driving and underage drinking, as well as assisting adult consumers with information on product availability in Arizona. We work in close cooperation with the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (“DLLC”), and greatly value the vital regulatory role performed by the dedicated staff of the DLLC.

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