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We’re Proudly Partnering With The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild On SB 1030, Legislation To Help Craft Brewers Grow

Steve Barclay, BWDA Executive Director - - Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona

Microbrewery restaurants provide great jobs

Last March, BWDA and the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild reach an historic agreement to move forward together on Arizona legislation in 2015: the Arizona Beer Bill, which allows for continued growth and competition in the craft beer industry for the benefit of our entire state and region.

 Since then, we have been working tirelessly to educate Arizona lawmakers... read more

Arizona microbreweries deserve a break

Editorial Board - - Arizona Republic

Success and popularity should not be the enemies of business growth. But if you are a microbrewery in Arizona, they are.

Under current law, craft breweries whose production exceeds 40,000 barrels a year are no longer classified as microbreweries. They are considered producers, and therefore can no longer operate the restaurants that introduced their brands to the public.

Craft Beer Is Booming, but Brewers See Crossroads

Ian Mount - - The New York Times

When the term microbrewery had scarcely entered the vocabulary, Rich Doyle saw possibilities. Almost three decades ago, he became a co-founder of the Boston-based Harpoon Brewery, which has grown into the 12th-largest craft beer maker in the country.

Last July, with a stake of at least 40 percent in the business, he sensed it was the moment to make another move. He asked his partners to bring in an investor so the brewery could buy faltering competitors. And when they declined, he cashed out.

Tapping Change

David Eisenberg - - Brewbound

For many small breweries, taprooms provide an imperative part of the business equation, inventing additional revenue streams while creating invaluable marketing opportunities.

In fact, there has been an industry-wide recognition of that prospect, according to Bart Watson, chief economist of the Brewers Association, who argues that the manufacturer/taproom has even superseded the brewpub as a preferred business model.

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