How Blue Moon Made ‘Craft Beer’ Meaningless

Blue Moon Brewing Co. founder Keith Villa: "You ask yourself, at the end of the day, 'If that definition of craft is used, does it guarantee the quality of the beer?' No it doesn't. Our connection with Coors guarantees quality of the highest standards in the industry."When we spoke with Blue Moon Brewing Co. founder Keith Villa two weeks ago, we had no idea Blue Moon and parent company MillerCoors were about to be sued for false advertising.

The plaintiff claims Blue Moon isn't "craft" — despite drinking a whole lot of it before reaching that conclusion — but Villa's been fighting that assertion for nearly 20 years. To Villa, Blue Moon is not only craft, but its support from Coors and, as of 2007, MillerCoors wasn't always a given. It certainly wasn't when he started brewing the Bellyslide Wit that became Blue Moon Belgian White at a small brewery called the SandLot, which remains at Denver's Coors Field to this day.

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